NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form Products

NUDURA offers design professionals, architects, engineers, and contractors the most diverse range of forms available in the Insulated Concrete Form industry and the most technologically advanced.

NUDURA® Insulated Concrete Forms come to the project site pre-assembled with their unique hinged folding web, saving valuable money on shipping and labor. Just unfold and stack! All forms are fully reversible in 5 core thicknesses: 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12". For projects that require larger core sizes, NUDURA's unique versatility and accessory products allow you to easily customize a size that works for your specific needs.

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InterTek ensures the highest manufacturing standards for NUDURA Insulated Concrete FormsNUDURA’s manufacturing is unmatched by other insulated concrete forms. NUDURA forms are manufactured in-house without using sub-manufacturing. NUDURA has full control over the manufacturing process which allows our forms to be manufactured to the highest standards, and is audited quarterly by Warnock/Hersey which conducts regular plant inspections to ensure all aspects of NUDURA® products are consistent. Our forms undergo rigorous testing everyday making sure the quality is the same for every NUDURA product, resulting in the most reliable ICF form available.

NUDURA offers a 12sf standard insulated concrete form NUDURA® Standard Form Unit

The Standard is NUDURA's most-used form unit. It measures 8 ft long and provides an incredible 12 sq. ft. of wall area. NUDURA® Standards easily unfold for use, are fully reversible and are available with 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" cores.

NUDURA's fully reversible ICFNUDURA® 90º Degree Corner Form

To reduce shipping, NUDURA offers a unique 90 corner form that folds and are fully reversible so there is not need to keep track of left and right corners. NUDURA® Corner Forms also have a continuous strip in every corner and area available with 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" cores.

NUDURA's fully reversible 45 degree insulated concrete form NUDURA® 45º Degree Corner Form

NUDURA® 45 Forms also fold to provide shipping efficiencies and are fully reversible. These forms are available with 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" cores.


Builders demanded it, and NUDURA answered! NUDURA® T Form Units come in a Long “T” and a Short “T” version to provide proper joint overlap. The forms are available in every combination of 5 standard core thicknesses for both the Main and T wall cavities.

NUDURA's custom radius form units NUDURA® Radius Form Unit

Make the homeowner and architect dreams come true! NUDURA makes curves and radius walls easy by providing factory-cut forms designed to your specifications. NUDURA®’s Radius Form units eliminate wasteful and time consuming in-field work.


NUDURA's One Series NUDURA® One Series

The industry’s only multi-link form system enables the creation of a fully exposed concrete surface that extends to the face of a standard NUDURA form panel. This offers builders and architects unmatched versatility for projects designed to use ICFs.


NUDURA's brick ledge unit NUDURA® Brick Ledge Form Unit

NUDURA® Brick Ledge Concrete Form units are used to support brick veneer on commercial and residential structures. These forms are available with 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" cores.



NUDURA offers a variety of options for design flexibility Single & Double Sided Taper Top Forms

NUDURA offers you flexibility by allowing our single and double sided Taper Top units to be combined for all cavity sizes giving you more versatility and more bearing based on application.

NUDURA offers unassembled ICF panelsUnassembled Panels & Webs

In order to provide as much versatility and flexibility as today's building industry demands, NUDURA® Standard, Tapered Top and Brickledge panels are available in unassembled packages. These panels are designed for NUDURA® Slide-webs which are available in our 5 core thicknesses.


NUDURA Brick Ledge ICF Forms NUDURA® Brick Ledge Extension

NUDURA offers a Brick Ledge Extension to provide greater flexibility when establishing brick ledge locations.

NUDURA End Caps NUDURA® End Caps

NUDURA® End Caps slide quickly into place to serve as insulated bucks or bulkheads. End Caps are manufactured with a convenient center fastening strip. are available for 4"/6"/8"/10"/12" cores.

NUDURA ICF Height Adjusters NUDURA® Height Adjusters

NUDURA offers height adjusters that can be used to provide an extra 3" in wall height. NUDURA® Height Adjusters are reversible and can be cut in half and used to achieve 1 1/2" increments. Height Adjustors come with fastening strips to provide important additional form support as well as providing a continuous fastening strip.

NUDURA Ceiling Technology NUDURA® Ceiling Technology

NUDURA® Ceiling Technology is manufactured from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and includes a embedded wood strapping and overlap on the perimeter for efficient installation.

NUDURA Ceiling TechnologyHydroFoam™

HydroFoam™ offers installers a lightweight high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) radiant heat insulation product that increases installation speeds, is easily cut to meet any angle or radius while providing R-10 of insulation value.

NUDURA Floor Technology NUDURA® Floor Technology

NUDURA® Floor Technology provides a cost effective layer of protection against transference from the ground.  

NUDURA Alignment System NUDURA® Alignment System

NUDURA® Alignment Systems are specifically designed for use with the NUDURA. The bracing aligns with wall prior to concrete placement, provides a working surface during concrete placement and is used to plumb the walls after concrete placement.


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