FutureStone offers our customers superior support for using NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms
ICF Training

FutureStone offers a variety of training and continuing education classes throughout the state of Texas.

Email FutureStone or call 817-377-9215 for more details.

Trade Shows

FutureStone exhibits around the state at various trade association and construction product shows.

FutureStone is here to serve you

With the most technologically advanced insulated concrete form, comes the service to match. NUDURA has aligned itself with FutureStone in the Texas region to represent their products. At FutureStone, we work with NUDURA to ensure you have the training, technology, quality and the proper code approvals and testing to build better structures.

Technical Support

As a NUDURA distributor, FutureStone provides extensive support from the design concept through to the installation, and can help you with:

• Proven installation recommendations to maximize efficiency and cost savings.
• Code compliance advice for local, regional and national building codes.
• FutureStone has access to NUDURA’s technical service support team that can provide
further insight on specialty installations and code issues.

Training is a crucial component of building with any new system. If you are considering building or designing with NUDURA we encourage you to take one of our training courses and see how efficient building with NUDURA really is. FutureStone, along with NUDURA, is committed to providing the highest level of training, ensuring you get the knowledge you need to get the job done with efficiency and confidence.


Installation Training

NUDURA's installation training is offered to contractors, engineers, architects, inspectors and home-owners. This one day course consists of a Power Point presentation, lecture, and hands-on demonstrations.

Topics covered include an overview of the NUDURA product line, basic installation principals and techniques, lintel design, and requirements for other project components which interface with the NUDURA ICF.

Pre-registration is required. Contact FutureStone for more details.

Schedule of NUDURA Training Courses and Events

AIA Continuing Education

AIA Continuing EducationIf you or your firm is considering designing with NUDURA® Insulated Concrete Forms, we encourage you to contact FutureStone to come to your firm for a 1 hour presentation. NUDURA offers 6 Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) presentations to address the type of project that you are looking to design.


A General Overview of ICF •  Educational Facilities
General Commercial Buildings   •   Hospitality Facilities
Medical Facilities   •    Multi-Story Buildings

NUDURA is a registered Continuing Education provider with
the American Institute of Architects (provider # J702).
Program Title: An Introduction to Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's)
 Program # 0704    •    1.0 Learning Unit

To set up an AIA Continuing Education session,  contact us.